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I have recently developed an experiment in a really quick and small way of simulating 3d , and a rotational line drawing routine ,scaling in one axis as opposed to two. I have included the source aswell , I am still on the look out for a job 3K size


I am currently working on a Tank game in flash to alleviate my boredom , the end name is undecided at the moment , the code for the tank and the line collision is done , so I thought I would post it . This represents a stage of development the full game will be a few months away but the game design/spec is done and I will be posting major updates ,up till the release. 9 K size


Well I have left my old company. So I am trolling around with not much to do until I get another job , which is good news , for I have spent today toiling in front of a hot keyboard to bring you my Bubble Machine


With the release of the Human Genome I have been inspired to create dynamic way to produce a menu with multiple items , I have modeled it based on the double helix structure of dna , the menu can have any number of items decided at run time. it looks rather snazzy.


woa haven't updated the site in a while :( , ok well seeing as we haven't actually had any snow in the u.k I though I would do some, each snowflake is different (ish). The swf has a 1.4 k file size which I am quite pleased with.



its another toy for you to play with , this one is a wibbly spaceflowa type thing ,check it out...


I have updated the navigation at the top of the site


I am off to the London FlashForward 2000 conference , well looking forward to it...

Would you like to see something cool in flash that you haven't seen before ? I cant guarantee anything but drop me a line and I might just do it.


Added Fire to site.


Added Infecta to site.


Added Distort-o-matic to site.

Cant see my experiments ?, you'll need the up to date flash player 5

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